Teadlaste soovitused mulla süsinikuvarude suurendamiseks

Maailma üks tuntuim teadusajakiri Nature avaldas äsja artikli, kuidas suurendada süsinuku hulka mullas. Kaheksast soovitusest enamik keskendus põllumajanduspraktikatele nagu kündmine jne. Kui kõige esimesena toodi esile turvast moodustatvate märgalade kaitse ja taastamise vajadus.

Tsitaat: "Protecting peatlands is the first priority for keeping existing carbon in the ground. These hold between 32% and 46% of all soil carbon (an estimated 500–700 Gt of approximately 1500 Gt) in an area about half the size of Brazil. Each year they take up about 1% of the global CO2 emissions generated by humans5.

Yet 10–20% of peatlands have been drained or burned and converted to agriculture, particularly in tropical areas. For example, fires used to clear land in maritime southeast Asia blanketed much of Indonesia in a toxic yellow haze during September and October 2015, emitting more CO2 per day than the whole of the European Union. Globally, such destruction is using up 1–2 Gt CO2 per year of the remaining emissions budget necessary to stay within the Paris climate targets. To protect this resource, governments must ban burning of peatlands, stop their use in agriculture, or plan and enforce practices that preserve peat through continuous wet conditions."

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